Good Luck to the Martell’s

Thief River Falls, MN | The Thief River Falls Norskies proud members of the Superior International Junior Hockey League are excited for our assistant coach Kaine Martell as he has accepted the position of Program Director with the Bismarck Hockey Association.

Kaine leaves the Norskies after two full seasons as co-coach of the program with Cole Workman. He is a former USHL player, Minnesota State champion, Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame Inductee and has been involved in youth hockey since 2005. Kaine has coached and mentored players at all levels of the game in both boys and girl’s programs. During his time, he has served on the Thief River Falls Amateur Hockey Association board as well as the operations committee.

The inaugural captain Keaton Huot of the 2016-2017 season on Kaine Martell, “I really enjoyed having Kaine as one of the coaches when I played for the Norskies. He is a great coach and even better guy. Kaine was the kind of coach that would always push you to the best of your ability and wanted you to succeed. Another side of Kaine is that he liked to joke around and always had a smile on his face. We had a certain handshake that we did before every period of every game and he would say “here we go Huey”. I wish Kain the best of luck with his new job. I know he will do great!”

Kaine had a lasting impression on all of his players.

Logan Jackson stated, “It has been an absolute pleasure to be coached by Kaine over the last two years. Being a D-man I got to work with Kaine a lot. He always worked with us to improve as players; from working on skills in practice, to giving feedback during games, and keeping a positive energy on the bench. I really couldn’t say enough about him. So much of what Kain does on and off the ice goes unrecognized.”

Also with Kaine’s move the Norskies will be losing their two stick boys; Gage and Iver.

These two young men were the original stick boys and worked hard and did a great job. They enjoyed being around the players and were fun to have around the locker room.

Both kids would help the players with anything they might need before the game. They would always put players at ease with their jokes and personalities.

“It was always great having them around. The Norskies couldn’t have picked two better guys for the job”, said captain Logan Jackson as he reflected on his time in Thief River Falls.

The Martell’s will be missed and the Norskies and the #NorskieNation wish them all the best in their future with the Bismarck Hockey Association.